¤ Visa Testimonials : Cambridge International

 » Nishith Prajapati and Family - Tourist Visa to USA

" I have a great experience on both ends of service. We appreciate your friendly drivers and helpful attitudes. All of your personnel were courteous and knowledgeable about your service. It is great to find good customer service these days, I think you are the best visa consultant in Ahmedabad. I tried two times and was rejected twice before applying for USA tourist visa. I have converted my tourist visa in Business visa and happily settled now in USA with family. "

 » Komal Frank-Spouse Visa to Germany

" Really impressed with your customer service/communication. It was hassle free to get my Germany Dependent visa. I would highly recommend your services to all. Thanks "

 » Nikhil Raval and Family - Permanent Resident Visa to Canada

" We were very satisfied with the level of service we received. Everybody was very helpful and accommodating. Thank you for providing us with an easy and honest move. Our case was initially problematic, thanks for assuring our Permanent Resident visa to Canada. I appreciate your visa services and would recommend it to anybody in Ahmedabad and globally. "

 » Gopi Parmar and Family–Visitor Visa to Australia

" I would like to say a very big thank you for your support throughout the whole procedure from starting till end which has been greatly appreciated by not only myself but also by my family members, your efficiency is the best in Ahmedabad "

 » Jigisha Soni - Student Visa to Australia

" Thank you for helping me find the suitable course and college in Australia. I really appreciate your effort to help me in getting the Visa. Company like yours make a difference. Once again, thank you. "

 » Reshma - Student Visa

" I find it very easy to have a good attitude toward Cambridge International, Ahmedabad. From what I've seen, Cambridge International is quite responsive to its clients . In addition, I've found a good reputation of the company and am glad to say that I have applied from the reputed company. Thanks for assisting me in getting United Kingdom student visa. "

 » Rajesh Patel - Business Visa to Iran

" I would like to express our gratitude to you and your colleagues for your expertise and excellent service provided by Cambridge International. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and supportive consultant in Ahmedabad, Initially we thought we would have to go to Mumbai to get the visa for our company executives. But we got the Iran Business visa at our doorstep in Ahmedabad with your services.!. "

 » Nirav Bhavsar

" It was very easy to get the UK working holiday maker visa with the help of you , Thanks a lot. "

 » Mr Bimal Trivedi and family. Tourist Visa to USA

" Excellent. It was a great experience to get the USA Visa Processing through Cambridge International. It was the best experience in my life. The staff members are very friendly and cooperative. We were asked a few questions and we answered as per the Guidance of Cambridge International. We got it. Thanks. "

 » Rajul Bhavsar

" I thank you very much for assuring and assisting me in my family’s HIGHLY SKILLED MIGRANT VISA. "

 » Bharat Patel- Student visa to New Zealand

" It was a great experience of being an International student with the guidance and assistance of Cambridge International as they are having good expertise in Foreign Education admissions, Counselling and Visas. I got the NZ student visa at the age ot 37. Thanks for managing my perfect documentation and helping me in getting education loan. "

 » Mamta Patel- Tourist visa to USA

" According to me it was the best decision of my life when I chose Cambridge International as my foreign education consultant. It was a very smooth experience as all the staff members are very kind and cooperative. They provide a lot of personal attention during the Visa file preparation. This is the best place where clients can get more detailed information regarding their Interview preparation as well. "

 » Raj Patel- Canada Student Visa

" Great experience of being an International student with the assistance of Cambridge International. After completing my procedure from here at the first trial, I suggested my Fiancée to seek guidance from Cambridge International also. So one can understand my confidence in Cambridge International. "

 » Viraj Patel and Family. Canada Permanent Resident Visa

" Perfect and best place to get success to go to a foreign country. All the faculties are nice and of loving nature. The environment and the material provided are simply excellent. From IELTS Preparation to Immigration and complete settlement, I would recommend Cambridge International to all in Ahmedabad. Thanks for helping immigrate our family in Canada. "

 » Vraj Thakkar- Australia Permanent Resident Visa

" I had never thought my file would be processed so quickly for Australia. The documentation seemed tough to me first of all. But Cambridge International helped me for perfect documentation and that’s the reason I think I got Australia PR in just 8 months. "

¤ Testimonials about our coaching division Cambridge Institute :

 » Harita Mehta - Spoken English

" Marvelous. The experience in Cambridge Institute was a great one, which showed me the way to success in my career. Talking about the faculties, they are the best faculties I have ever come across. They made me capable to Speak Fluent English (Eminent educationalist and active youth leader, announcer on Akashwani, United Nations delegate from India for several Youth Programs. ) "

 » Akash Rawal - Spoken English

" Cambridge Institute is the best institute in Ahmedabad. So there is no lacking in the institute. Everything is perfect and good. Faculties are totally good and highly qualified. I suggest every student to join only Cambridge Institute for Spoken English. I give ten out of ten to Cambridge. "

 » Amal Trivedi - TOEFL-IBT

" I just want to thank you and all of the teachers and people who are working at Cambridge Institute., for their effort. Actually I enrolled in your Toefl course 4 months ago, your 2 months TOEFL-IBT Preparation course immensely helped me to get a score of 103. Thanks a lot."- "

 » Priti Patel - TOEFL

" Your sample tests were very helpful. I got my result today and secured 105 in TOEFL. I plan to pursue my studies either in the US or Canada. Your sample tests were of great help. I never imagined to get 103. Your personal guidance is perfect.!! "

 » Raj Shah - TOEFL

" I would like to thank Cambridge Institute TOEFL preparation course, without which I could not have achieved a total score of 92 on the TOEFL, and 27 in reading. I would recommend Cambridge Institute for anyone who needs to raise their English to a higher level. The Cambridge Institute course gave me the opportunity to become familiarized with TOEFL Ibt interface, times, and scores, which resulted in less pressure on the day I took the TOEFL test. And, as I was more relaxed my English have flowed naturally, which directly affected my result. Now, I am very confident that I will be accepted for my PhD in USA. "

 » Manish Shah, USA - TOEFL

" When I was starting my preparation for the TOEFL test, I was aware that my skills in English would not improve without continuous practice of speaking, listening, and writing. I have no doubt that Cambridge Institute sharpened those skills and pinpointed the areas that I had to improve to raise my TOEFL score to 108. "

 » Jainam Shah - TOEFL

" I can state categorically that Cambridge Institute has a valuable and effective method of increasing a student's performance on the TOEFL test. "

 » Khushboo Thakkar, USA

" Dear Cambridge Institute team, I thank you very much for the test. I have really taken benefit from it. I appreciate it. Thanks for helping me to get the score of 97. "

 » Jayesh Parmar

" I got the same score on the real TOEFL test as in your post-test. Would you like to know if your program is helpful? Yes it is! I'm really amazed how you worked it out. "

 » Mehta Ratna

" Thank you Cambridge Institute for the best English Language training in my TOEFL Preparation. It improved my language skills. I recommend this program for anyone who wants to take the TOEFL test. I just got the score of 99. "

 » Nayan Chaudhary - English Speaking and Personality Development

" I went to several English speaking institutes, but when I told them that I am a Merchant Navy student and I am looking for advance English speaking course and personality development, they said that you really need good spoken English classes and they only told me to visit Cambridge Institute in Ahmedabad. Then only I went there. I filled up the form and after few seconds sir called me inside and told me, about my mistakes and gave me the microphone to speak to computer to check my expressions and pronunciation and suggested for 3 months course for English Speaking and Personality Development course. So that from next day, I attended the classes regularly. I had so much fun, the class started with the grammar concepts and gradually included group discussions, presentations and role plays and many interesting group exercises. I realized that my way of talking, understanding improved with the help of Spoken English and Personality Development Course. I started becoming a gregarious person.And friend I still remember my first two feedback in the institute where we have to rate the teachers on their knowledge and the way they are teaching. I gave 4 to 5 rating out of 5. After seeing my feedback the coordinator asked me whether I was learning and understanding each and every thing taught in English Speaking and Personality Development. I always responded that the training is really above my expectation. And you know, All in my group were good friends of mine. The modern way of training on the personality development at Cambridge Institute helped us so much to understand many things about life, besides learning English. "

 » Dimpy Shah - English Speaking

" My name is Dimpy Shah. I joined Cambridge Institute for personality development and English speaking. According to me its best English Speaking institute in Ahmedabad. Before joining Cambridge Institute, I was scared of facing the person who speaks fluent English. Cambridge Institute not only helped me to increase my confidence level but it also helped me to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation. Thanks a lot. "

 » Saiyed Arefa

" Cambridge Institute is a reputed institute for spoken English and personality development. I knew 2 months back about this institute. Teaching methodology is very different in Cambridge Institute. They use lots of activities like Group Discussion, role play, vocabulary, quizzes which helps us to improve communication skill and personal behavior also. They have different level of batches according to student level. There are different batches for working professionals also. Cambridge Institute uses technology like computer, Projector, Microphone to teach students properly. I also joined here two months back, now I can feel the difference. I am very confident now to speak in English. Finally I want to recommend Cambridge Institute’s Spoken English, Personality Development course to every person who wants to improve his communication skill as well as personality. "

 » Dharmendra Rawal

" I joined Cambridge Institute English Speaking, Personality Development institute in the end of November i.e. approx one month has passed after joining here. In this period I feel my personality improved very well. I feel very confident in these days. I enjoy here. I am very thankful to sir, because of his support his technique to teach his patience to handle weak one. In there I like very much to attend G.D. and role play classes, I feel it definitely removed my nervousness. I speak in English fluently (with correct grammar). I have also enrolled my two sons here. We all have got Perfect Fluency from Cambridge Institute. "

 » Parth Patel

" I was looking for an institute to cultivate my English speaking skills, fluency and knowledge. Suddenly I saw an advertisement about this institute on net. I got lots of information about it and the faculty Devang sir. After joining Cambridge Institute I found so many changes in myself in the guidance of sir. I am feeling more confident than before. I am gaining something more from here. It is helping me to develop much knowledge about vocabulary, Role play, tongue twister, positive attitude and many more aspect of personality. I mean it really helps us to improve our personality. Whenever we ask any question to sir, he replies very politely. That is a very good thing. I think whenever I’ll go from here I’ll have achieved more which will help me to live with a very good personality. Thanks to sir for being a very good teacher/guide. He also works hard with us, only for us. Under the guidance of Cambridge Institute we can make a very good image in our society. Before joining Cambridge Institute I felt hesitation but now I feel good these days and I forget my hesitation only because of Cambridge Institute and Devang sir. I can improve myself by presentation, news paper reading and group discussion. It really helps these days I am improving after completing my Personality Development and English Speaking course I am damn sure that I’ll be a very good fluent speaker and a knowledgeable person. Even my father also joined after seeing improvement in me. Thank Cambridge Institute once again. "

 » Neha Nagar, USA

" Before joining Cambridge Institute my confidence level was very low but when I came here, then I got my confidence, which I had lost and which is very necessary.My English has improved and now I can talk to anybody in English and my vocabulary is increasing day by day. Cambridge Institute is a good institute for personality development. I like G.D., Presentation, Role play, extempore etc. because of all these things our knowledge, confidence level and communication skill are increasing day by day. "

 » Abhay Patel

" Three months ago I was searching a Best personality development course, then my husband told me about Cambridge Institute and about organizer of Cambridge Institute Mr. Devang Solanki. It is at Pritamnagar, Paldi in Ahmedabad.I found the trainer is excellent and the way of teaching is very good. Trainer provides sufficient time for practice and conversation it helps to improve my English. Regularly we also give presentation here due to presentation I found my confidence level has increased and I stopped to hesitate to speak in English. Now I always try to speak in English in front of others. There are lot of other sessions like G.D., Role plays, News Discussion, Extempore etc. Thanks for boosting my confidence and changing my image. "

 » Dinaz and Upendra Narsingani, Australia

" According to me, Cambridge Institute improved me in totality. They improve vocabulary, pronunciation and our confidence level in their English Speaking and offer the best Personality Development Course. They have improved my fluency in English. There are skilled teacher for teaching. They also helped me remove my hesitation and negative thoughts from my mind. So it is a good institute to improve English Speaking as well as personality also. "

 » Shreepal Sheth

" Before joining the English Speaking and Personality Development course at Cambridge Institute I was feeling much difficulty and hesitation to speak English language and without its precious knowledge I was incomplete in life. But, fortunately I found these things in Cambridge Institute in which I got right direction and guidance. Expert of institute Mr. Devang Solanki Sir suppressed my hesitation and incompletion to make me a complete speaker. In a word I would like to say I am a complete person now because of the Cambridge Institute institute. I would like to suggest those students who want to do English speaking or learn spoken English. Sure they join the Cambridge Institute in Ahmedabad in guidance of Mr. Devang sir so that they could develop their personality in different important field and could be complete person in the glorious and the expanded direction of the institute. At least I will pray god to provide strength of the institute so that the aspirants could get the omnipotent and the best guide line on spoken English, personality development from the Cambridge Institute "

 » Kinju Parekh

" When I joined English Speaking and Personality Development course at Cambridge Institute, I didn’t have enough confidence in speaking English and I have lot of hesitation. But after few days I became more confident and started speaking English. Thanks Cambridge Institute. "

 » Moeidul Rahman , from Afghanistan

" I want to discuss about English Speaking and Personality Development course at Cambridge Institute with all of you, Cambridge Institute is a best personality development institute where you will improve your soft skills much better. I joined this institute 12 months ago and I remember that at the first day I was unable to express myself and felt shy in front of the people. I have done one year Diploma Course in English from here. Cambridge Institute helped me to gain the confidence level & it also improved my communication skills. So, if anyone of you is thinking to improve not just spoken English but also personality , then surely join English Speaking and Personality Development course at Cambridge Institute for great improvement. "

 » Kuldip Zaveri. London

" It was a very good experience for me to study English Speaking and Personality Development course at Cambridge Institute. I have learnt a lot of new things from Cambridge Institute which are very helpful in my personal and professional carreer. Cambridge Institute gives a lot of knowledge about personality development along with English speaking. I wish best of luck for this institute. I would like to join again this institute in future. Thanks "

 » Maitri Patel, Neha Shah, Hiral, Sharlet and Shweta

" Our experience of learning at Cambridge was really wonderful. We definitely recommend it. "

 » Shraddha Mehta

" Cambridge Institute helps us to be confident. it also helped me to talk to people in English. It helps us to be positive in life. Never give up. "

 » Kaushal Rawal

" My experience says that, Cambridge Institute Personality Development, Spoken English Institute is the temple of knowledge which improves your soul and fulfills it with ample of skills. When I came here my knowledge was not to the point but now it has gradually improved in very easy and interesting manner. The way how the classes went through that all the session are useful to me. And I will spread the news to all over my friends and group. The PD classes, grammar classes G.D. role play and vocabulary classes all make me perfect. Now I feel proud to be the member of this institute. "

 » Kavita Trivedi , USA

" I want to share something about my experience at Cambridge Institute English Speaking Institute, Indirapuram. I had joined Cambridge Institute before 2 months, grammatically I was very weak. I had no vocabulary; even I was not able to make a single sentence perfectly. After joining Cambridge Institute I improved those things and gained lot of knowledge from here in such a short time. Teacher of Cambridge Institute is very supportive. He teaches everything step by step. He is never tried of questions asked by students and he encourages students to ask more questions. The environment of Cambridge Institute is very friendly, students help each other. Devang Sir is also very sweet in nature. The way he handles all the students is amazing. So I would say that Cambridge Institute is the Best English speaking institute as per my knowledge in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am very thankful to my teachers. I really miss you all. "

 » Mayur Bodar

" It was a great experience here because Cambridge Institute’s English Speaking course helped me to improve not only my English speaking but also my personality. I am more confident now as I am much clear about the concepts of tenses, prepositions, modals. And many other activities have been done during the course. Besides this I also enjoyed G.D., extempore & presentations. So, I am very thankful to sir for giving me right guidance that will help me throughout the life. "

 » Aziz Ahmad Faizi, from Afghanistan

" I was not able to speak English with good body language. But now after joining Cambridge Institute, I have overcome all my shortcomings and problems faced by me in any type of presentation, speech or debate. If you visit Cambridge Institute, you will always win and never lose in your life. The method of teaching is really wonderful and would recommend the course to my all Afghan friends. "

 » Julia Yan from China

" To be frank, from my childhood days, I longed to be a good orator as well as writer. In school time I was in my prime for my fancy of speaking as well as I was usually admired for my stage speeches. English was not much popular in China in the past but its must for my business. After I left school I started losing that spark in me, which used to prompt me to take part in any competition without fear during adolescence. As I was in Ahmedabad for training from my company for 1 year. I joined two institutes but I couldn’t improve or understand them. My company worked hard and found this institute for me. I have really improved my English and now talk freely with my Global customers I found the institute quite up to my expectations. Teaching was not limited to just concepts and their application. I found it a mixture of education & entertainment i.e. edutainment. Various group exercise and solo presentations helped me a lot to get control on my nerves while speaking in English. "

 » Dr Yoko Weba, Osaka, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan.

" My Experience of learning Gujarati is really wonderful, I come from Japan every year for 2 to 3 months in Ahmedabad and study Gujarati at Cambridge Institute in Ahmedabad. As I am a professor in Osaka Museum and researching on Gujarati Art and Craft, Gujarati is must for me. I am happy here learning Gujarati. "

 » Maniyar Heena , Australia

" Thank you very much for your coaching for IELTS. With your help and excellent training it became easy for me to get sharp 7 bands in each module in IELTS. "

 » Surya Subramanyan

" It’s easy to study when the ambience is friendly and trainers are knowledgeable and expert in the language. I got sharp 7 bands in IELTS with your training. I was advised to join Cambridge Institute by one of my friend. He also scored same. Thanks I am now happily settled in UK and here I currently work as a professor of economics in College in London. "

 » Raj Shah

" Achieving the score of 7.5 with top score of 8.5 in listening in IELTS was really an easy task with the help of excellent and intensive coaching from you. Thanks "

 » Shaikh Kausarbanu

" I appreciate your training for IELTS in Ahmedabad. I just practiced only for 20 days with you and got the score of 6.5 in Academic IELTS. Thanks a lot for inspiration for examination. "

 » Shah Monil

" My coaching for IELTS academic module is going on really well now and the faculty is immensely helping me. I advise Cambridge IELTS course to all my friends. Thanks. "

 » Alice Sandhya

" It was a glorious moment for me when I got the result of IELTS in my hand. I really got surprised by seeing the overall 8.5 band score. I specially came from Tamilnadu for IELTS preparation in Ahmedabad. Cambridge is definitely the best institute in Ahmedabad for IELTS coaching. The Training imparted here is very tough and the result is really promising. "


" I am delighted to get the 7.5 bands in IELTS examination. The training and coaching is really remarkable and noteworthy. I strongly believe this is the most reputed institute for IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad. "

 » Pavni Bhatia , Ahmedabad

" I am blessed with the score of 7 bands in IELTS with your guidance and practice. I thank you all for providing me the best coaching. "

 » Naiya Patel

" I would highly recommend IELTS coaching of Cambridge Institute to all in Ahmedabad. Your material and training is same life IELTS examination. I am blessed with a very high score in IELTS just because of you. "

 » Samir Kabani, Australia

" I did my IELTS course in Cambridge Institute. During my training I spent 6 to 8 hours at the institute and the whole day I got continuous assessment and monitoring from the faculty. Of course, I advise you only to join Cambridge Institute for IELTS training in Ahmedabad. My all friends also have done their IELTS course from Cambridge Institute and all settled in Australia. Thanks a lot. "

 » Dr Chetan Suthar

" Yes, I recommend you Cambridge Institute for IELTS preparation in Ahmedabad. My experience of learning wonderful and it was easy to achieve 7 bands in my IELTS examination. "

 » Tarang Panchal, Ahmedabad

" IELTS training at your institute was really enriching. I enjoyed IELTS library facility at Cambridge. The coaching is highly intensive and worth for improving overall English and targeting the best score in IELTS. Yes my experience of IELTS training is 100 % satisfactory. "

 » Mrugaxi Avasia and Mr Avasia , Germany

" We really enjoyed learning German here. We appreciate the training imparted. We got the correct pronunciation training of German in Ahmedabad so it became very easy for us to settle in Germany and adopting to new culture and people. "

 » Ruhi Gandhi, Ahmedabad

" I believe your FRENCH language preparation course and career in French course are the best. My experience of learning French was really splendid. "

" It was really great time learning German Language at Cambridge Institute in Ahmedabad. I have got enriching experience of learning German here. The faculty and staff are all always encouraging and motivating. The training and methodology is of International standard, I would definitely recommend Cambridge Institute to anybody planning to join foreign language courses. "

 » Dr Anokhi Parikh, Ahmedabad

" I have to travel around the world and I felt French is very necessary for my profession and that’s the reason for joining French Language course at you. My experience of learning French is really positive and powerful. I am very happy with your training methodology and faculty. "

 » Bhatt Gunjan

" I, joined Cambridge Institute for the beginners level (A1) in German. I am being taught French by excellent faculty. The faculty is enthusiastic, energetic and well versed in French. He is patient with my mistakes and corrects me whenever necessary. He frequently tests my grasp of the language with home works and tests. The infrastructure provided by the institute is good but the teaching being excellent; the learning process is sheer joy. Further if asked for opinion by my friends I will certainly recommend them for enrolling themselves for the courses provided by the institute. "

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